Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Announcing the release of eBook Hollywood USA

An exciting new e-book outlining an easy to follow “step-by-step” program of how you can break into the exciting world of ACTING, MODELING, COMERICALS, PRINT WORK and MUSIC VIDEOS! Including a “state-by-state” list of CONTACTS across the US. With Hollywoodstepbystep.com you’ll discover what to do to get started right in your own hometown

Brief Description:

Not everyone wants to or can afford to move to Hollywood or New York. In the e-book released at Hollywoodstepbystep.com we’ll show you how to get started right in your own hometown. You’ll not only find a directory with listings of Photographers, Casting Directors, Talent Agents, Theatrical Unions, and Film Commissions but we’ll show you the ‘professional’ way to contact them, what to say, how to follow up and a glossary of ‘show biz’ terms you’ll need to know to make that good first impression. In Hollywoodstepbystep.com we’ll get you up to speed on headshots and resumes, phone etiquette, using the computer and snail mail to your advantage, meeting with photographers and agents, the proper way to approach auditioning and local networking. We’ll help you side step some of those potholes and obstacles on your road to meeting your goals.

With more than 25 years in the business the authors provide an easy to follow step-by-step program to guide you. And they should know -- it worked for them.

Randal Patrick has appeared in more than a hundred Movies, Commercials and Print Ads Getting his start while teaching school in Atlanta Georgia (using the methods outlined in www.Hollywoodstepbystep.com). Randy has appeared in feature films like, “Project X”, “Pow Wow Highway”, “Hopscotch”, “Born In East LA”, and “Fast Food.” And Television Movies Of The Week such as “In The Line Of Duty,- The FBI Murders,” “Manhunt In The Dakotas,” “Living Proof,” “In A Child’s Name,” “Miracle Landing,” “Row vs. Wade” “A Horse For Danny” “The Gambler II”, “Dream West” and more. His Series credits include roles on “MASH,” “Star Trek – TNG,” “In the Heat of The Night,” “The A-Team”, and “Dukes Of Hazzard,” to name a few. Patrick is currently enjoying success as a screenwriter and novelist and divides his time between his home in Tennessee and his office in Hollywood.

Phil Kramer left his successful business in the Mid-west to pursue a full-time career behind the scenes in Television, Movies and Commercials. Including Pepsi, Lowes, Clamato Juice, Wendy’s, General Motors, Pacific Bell and many more. His production credits in film and Television include “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”, "John From Cincinnati”, “Blue Collar TV”, “Deadwood”, and “Providence” to name a few. Phil is currently working with the Jonas Brothers on a new series for the Disney Channel “Jonas” And is working on his second book on How to Break Into The Production Side of Film and Television.

For more information about this announcement, please contact them at the following URL: http://www.hollywoodstepbystep.com/hollywoodstepbystep-contact.html

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